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Our philosophy at NGI is to transform the customer experience by striving for greatness in three areas: insurance, technology, and marketing. Our companies do more than build products with underwriters. They're not just insurance marketers. They're not technology shops.

They are all three.

This allows our portfolio companies to look at the customer experience in a way that other insurance companies cannot. They look at product configuration, the purchase process, and distribution end-to-end to construct the best overall customer experience in control of all these variables.

Are we building the right product for this segment? Will this marketing resonate? Do we have a distribution platform that will be functional for this audience? In most cases in the insurance industry, these three questions are best-answered by three different businesses. Our companies strive to answer all of them.

This philosophy allows our companies to provide consumers with the right insurance product, at the right time, offered by brands they know and trust.

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